Did you know you are an influencer?

​Not as in like you have an undiscovered Instagram or You Tube following of millions but you – yes you – are an influencer!

​Now, don’t duck and hide at the thought just yet…

​What do I mean when I say you are an influencer?

It’s simple. Any time you interact with another human being, you have the opportunity to influence them in some way.

How you influence them is up to you.

You’re either an influencer or you’re being influenced.

You’re either a thermostat – you set the standard – or a thermometer – you adjust to others around you.

​Our busy lives have an uncanny knack for distracting us from our true purpose. And our purpose is so simple that it’s easy to miss.

​Love God. Love Others. Share Christ.

That’s it. That’s not so hard right?

Well sort of…

You see, the enemy doesn’t want you to know you have power. It’s an incredible power given to believers by the Holy Spirit to be able to see and discern a need in someone around them that they can meet.

You have the ability to reach out and be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone He places in your path!

You only need 2 things:

  1. a willing heart and
  2. the courage to step out when He presents you with an opportunity

That’s it.

People are broken all around you – there is no short supply of those who could be blessed by your obedience to show them God’s love even in the simplest of ways.

So let’s start there. Take the first step.

​This week we are going to focus on 2 things:

  1. What is ahavah?
  2. What does walking in ahavah love look like on a daily basis?

Let me introduce you to a word. Click the video for this week’s teaching!

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Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to walk with you on this journey as we learn and grow in ahavah love together!

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Let’s walk in love and thrive in our today, friends!


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