It is so easy to think, “I wish I could do something really big for God, but I am just a – fill in the blank.”

* How can I serve others when I’m just a stay at home mom parenting toddlers?

*What could I possibly have to offer when I’m just an employee in an office?

*I’m not gifted like so-and-so, I could never reach people the way they do.

Be cautious, dear friends, with that line of thinking.

If you agree with those statements, you are believing a very dangerous lie.

We face a great danger of resigning our effectiveness for the kingdom when we belittle the assignments and seasons God gives us.

Everything we do can direct glory to Him if we purpose to do so.

Our key verse for this week is Colossians 3:17.

“Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

The question of how we serve others comes down to the condition of our hearts.

Scripture tells us repeatedly that God intentionally designed the body of Christ to carry out acts of service in His name for the purpose of sharing His love with a lost world. He doesn’t give us a long checklist to follow. He simply asks us to be available and ready to serve with a thankful heart. How we serve is not as much about fulfilling a specific task, as it is about our displaying God’s love through our attitude and demeanor.

What I want to encourage you in is this:

God has given you purpose in your daily life and He has equipped you with specific gifts to carry out that purpose. There are people in this world that only you are meant to reach.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time for us to do.”  Ephesians 2:10

Through each of our giftings come unique and ordained opportunities for us as believers to further the kingdom. 

He is just waiting with assignments for you as you posture your heart and mind to say,

“Lord, who do you need me to show love to today?”

No gifting is too small, insignificant or without use when offered to the Lord.

As you ponder this week’s theme of “HOW”, ask yourself these three questions:

Have I confessed a willingness to be available?

What giftings, big or small, has God given me?

Am I interacting with others in a way that brings glory to God?

Click today’s teaching video to hear 5 Things to Remember About How To Serve Others…

I am excited for you to dive in this week’s Put it Into Practice!

Grab your Discussion and Prayer Guide for week 2 below:

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I pray you will begin to see your gifts and season of life as a valuable offering to the Father.

I am so excited for the work I know He is already up to in your life!

Blessings friends!



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