“Look out into the world and see what breaks your heart. Then, run toward your heartbreak, not away from it. Dig in and ask God if your heart is broken because His is too. When your heartbreak becomes a map to find a place to serve, it will set your soul on fire.” – Author, Amy Ford

There are certain things you can see and look right past and others you can’t get out of your head.

Those things that stick in your mind and heart are a good indicator of the things God wants use your gifts and influence to change.

We have established over the past couple of weeks that:

1. You have influence over those you encounter on a daily basis 

2. We all have unique gifts and talents that God intentionally gives us to accomplish the task of sharing His saving love with others

3. Whatever you are doing, big or small, has the potential to point people to the love of Jesus if you are obedient to do so

What next? We need to figure out WHO we should be serving…

Did everyone see the Super Bowl ad by Toyota last week? If you missed it, take a moment to watch here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqWG5_7nwyk

Let me just tell you, I was in a puddle of tears before the commercial even ended and I still cry like a sissy girl every time I watch it. Why? Because adoption is one of the areas that absolutely breaks my heart and fires me up. The thought of a child needing a loving home that I can provide sometimes keeps me up at night. Having experienced the unnecessarily difficult reality of completing the adoption process, I get pretty fired up.

My passion drives my service.

Adoption. Parenting. Godly marriage. Sharing the love of Christ with others.

These are the things that God has laid on my heart to act purposefully and serve with intention.

So what is it for you? Is there something God is stirring in your heart to do?

  • Is it teaching children about Jesus that they might grow to be the next generation of leaders for Christ?
  • Is it serving the homeless?
  • Is it folding laundry for an exhausted new mom and offering counsel in her early days of motherhood?
  • Is it adopting a widow and having tea and a card game once a week?
  • Is it desiring to put smiles on the faces of others with random blessings such as paying for their coffee or lunch?

I took to social media this week and asked the question: “What are some simple ways you can serve others?” I received some wonderful ideas and want to share them with you!

If you want to find a way to serve others but don’t know where to start, here’s a great first step!

Click below to download this week’s freebie: 20 Ideas to Serve Others Simply

Get 20 Ways to Serve Others Simply!

I so wish we could sit across from each other at a coffee shop where I could hear your story and the things God has laid on your heart, but let’s try the next best thing.

Grab your coffee or tea and come sit with me over on this week’s video:

As I’ve shared before, the world around us is packed full of people in need in some way and God draws each of our attentions to the things He has ordained us to do on His behalf.

I get so excited at the thought of a movement in this broken world of ours where an army of saints step out of their homes each and every day on a mission to seek out people to love and serve. It’s the very reason I spend the hours that I do sharing this message. Just think what God could do!

Joy found. Healing experienced. Peace restored. Legacies established. Chills, guys, it gives me chills!

I pray you take a step this week. Any step forward is a step of obedience. Pray and ask the Lord to speak to your heart and lead you to an opportunity to exercise your serving muscles a bit.

I am praying for you and your families!

You are loved!

BRRR y’all – it’s COLD outside! If you’re looking for a quick and easy recipe to keep your family warm this week, check out my recipe of the week here: Get the Recipe!

In case you missed last week click: https://somercolbert.com/2021/02/08/whatever-you-do/

One thought on “What Breaks Your Heart?

  1. Liz Garrett

    I enjoyed reading this dear friend ! Very helpful in knowing how the Lord is guiding us to serve . Xoxo

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