Do you ever struggle to feel like you simply cannot keep up with all the things of motherhood? Does your time with Jesus just fall somewhere on your neverending to-do list? In a recent conversation with my guest on the Love Where You Are podcast, I was challenged to think about inviting Jesus to partner with me in my motherhood journey rather than going it alone.

This thought really stopped me in my tracks. As a busy mom of 3 kids ranging from ages 6-14, I had just added Jesus to my to-do list without even realizing it.

Can you relate?

Here are 3 ways my friend and author, Monika Kirkland, reminded me to invite Jesus into the daily moments of motherhood – I hope they will encourage you today!

  1. Partner with the Lord in the little moments –

Our days as mothers, busy as they are, are jam packed with little moments. Each of these moments are an opportunity to connect with the heart of our children but they are also an opportunity for us as moms to connect with the heart of our Heavenly Father. It’s easy to think that God doesn’t care about diapers and laundry or living life in your car as you Uber your kids to all of their sports and extra activities.

The truth is, whatever season of motherhood you find yourself in, God wants to connect with you. This doesn’t require a set format for spending time with Him. He knows your heart and He knows your season.

Take moments throughout the day to acknowledge His presence, thank Him for who He is in your life and talk to Him about your children.

Remember, He desires relationship – not rules.

“Take a moment to just ground yourself in the presence of the Lord and invite Him in to whatever it is that you are doing.” ~ Monika Kirkland

       2. Simple is sustainable –

How can we balance all of the responsibilities of motherhood and still pursue a consistent relationship with Jesus? We actually DO LESS. That’s right, we simplify. The world around us is always screaming messages of “do more” “be more” “achieve” and “prove your value based on the world’s measure of success”.

These messages leave a busy Mama exhausted, defeated and often questioning her value. It’s so important to recognize that not one of these messages comes from a place of care for your heart and well being, Mama.

This trap of doing more and always feeling behind is not the pace the Lord wants for you. His pace is one of rest, peace and abiding. Anything contrary to that is simply a trap set by the enemy.

I was making it about the doing instead of about the resting in His presence“. ~ Monika Kirkland

Dear friend, when you rest in His presence, shut out the messages of this world and give yourself an abundance of grace in your season, you will thrive in the simplicity you’ve chosen!

Greater still, you have the opportunity to model for your children what it looks like to be present with the Lord and with your family.

3. End your day on a positive note –

The end of the day for a Mama is honestly a mixed bag. You’re exhausted and beyond ready for some “me” time. You likely still have a stack of dishes or piles of laundry needing attention, grocery lists to make, sports and school schedules to review for the following day and a Netflix episode waiting in the queue. You also have tired kiddos hanging on for one last story, song or kiss goodnight.

I can tell you most nights I am ready for a quick transition to bedtime so I can get on with my last to-do’s for the night before I crash into my pillow BUT I also have an opportunity to end the day with my children in a way that will create precious and memorable moments and spare me the “2am-I-didn’t-spend-enough-time-with-my-kids-today” mom guilt.

Just a few moments at your children’s bedside reading a scripture verse, highlighting the good qualities you see in them and affirming the work of the Lord in their lives can speak life and peace into the hearts of your children you and they will always remember.

I pray these 3 things have encouraged you to invite Jesus into your daily moments of motherhood!

Blessings Mamas! You’ve got this!

To listen to my full interview with Monika Kirkland on the Love Where You Are podcast, click HERE!


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