Hey friend!

I’m Somer! I wear many hats of wife, mom, mentor, daughter, worship leader, writer, contributor, speaker and friend. I am married to my amazing husband of 16 years and together we enjoy this crazy life with our three children.

Hot tea, deep conversations, time with my people and a British docu-drama are my absolute faves but most of all, I love writing and speaking about the transforming love of Jesus and the freedom that life with Him brings.

What in the world is Ahavah (ah-ha-vah)? Ahavah is the Hebrew word for love. But it doesn’t stop at the emotion. The biblical meaning of ahavah means showing love through an intentional mindset and choices each and every day, to serve rather than be served and to love even when it’s hard. Don’t you just love that? Yes! But is it easy? Nope!

That is why I am passionate about sharing biblical truth centered around this kind of sacrificial, Jesus-honoring love for the purpose of seeing others grow in their relationship with Christ, love their people well and serve Jesus right where they are!

I believe that when we truly understand the biblical love that our Savior modeled we can’t help but seek to model that same love as we go about our daily lives.

Let’s learn together to walk in love that we may thrive in each and every day we are given!

Blessings dear friends!


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